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High Base Pair Opening Rates in Tracts of GC Base Pairs*
Sequence-dependent structural features of the DNA double helix have a strong influence on the base pair opening dynamics. Here we report a detailed study of the kinetics of base pair breathing inExpand
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Imino proton exchange in DNA catalyzed by ammonia and trimethylamine: evidence for a secondary long-lived open state of the base pair.
The base-pair opening kinetics of the self-complementary oligomer d(CGCGAATTCGCG)(2) has been derived from NMR measurements of the imino proton exchange. In general, it has previously been found thatExpand
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Binding of delta- and lambda-[Ru(phen)3]2+ to [d(CGCGATCGCG)]2 studied by NMR.
The interactions of the delta and lambda enantiomers of the chiral metal complex [Ru(phen)3]2+ (phen = 1,10-phenanthroline) with the oligonucleotide duplex [d(CGCGATCGCG)]2 have been studied with NMRExpand
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Effects of sequence and length on imino proton exchange and base pair opening kinetics in DNA oligonucleotide duplexes.
The base catalysed imino proton exchange in DNA oligonucleotides of different sequences and lengths was studied by 1H-NMR saturation recovery experiments. The self-complementary sequences studiedExpand
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Structural characterization of PNA-DNA duplexes by NMR. Evidence for DNA in a B-like conformation.
The nucleic acid analogues PNA (peptide nucleic acids) hybridize with DNA of complementary sequence. The solution structures of two PNA-DNA duplexes, H-(GCTATGTC)-NH2.d(GACATAGC) andExpand
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The Influence of the Thymine C5 Methyl Group on Spontaneous Base Pair Breathing in DNA*
Sequences of four or more AT base pairs without a 5′-TA-3′ step, so-called A-tracts, influence the global properties of DNA by causing curvature of the helix axis if phased with the helical repeatExpand
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Internal motions of nucleic acid structures and the determination of base-pair lifetimes.
Over the years, imino proton exchange measurements have provided a description of base-pair opening and of properties of internal motions of nucleic acids such as the individual opening of base pairsExpand
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Proton exchange rates measured by saturation transfer using delayed randomization of the solvent magnetization.
  • M. Leijon
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of magnetic resonance. Series B
  • 1 August 1996
The spin-lock saturation transfer experiment introduced by B. Adams and L. Lerner (J. Magn. Reson. 96, 604-607, 1992) is analyzed in terms of the Bloch equations. It is shown that the T1rhoExpand
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The interaction of ellipticine derivatives with nucleic acids studied by optical and 1H‐nmr spectroscopy: Effect of size of the heterocyclic ring system
The DNA interaction of derivatives of ellipticine with heterocyclic ring systems with three, four, or five rings and a dimethylaminoethyl side chain was studied. Optical spectroscopy of drugExpand
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