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Pontibacter actiniarum gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel member of the phylum 'Bacteroidetes', and proposal of Reichenbachiella gen. nov. as a replacement for the illegitimate prokaryotic generic name
Phylogenetic evidence and the results of phenotypic, genotypic and chemotaxonomic analyses strongly support the assignment of the newly isolated bacterium as a member of a novel genus and species, for which the name Pontibacter actiniarum gen. nov., sp.
Chryseobacterium soldanellicola sp. nov. and Chryseobacterium taeanense sp. nov., isolated from roots of sand-dune plants.
Two Gram-negative, yellow-pigmented bacteria isolated from two sand-dune plant species inhabiting coastal areas in Tae-an, Korea, were subjected to taxonomic investigation and it is evident that each of these strains represents a novel species of Chryseobacterium.
Cyclobacterium amurskyense sp. nov., a novel marine bacterium isolated from sea water.
The taxonomic position of a novel marine, heterotrophic, aerobic, pigmented, non-motile bacterium isolated from sea water was determined. 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis revealed that strain KMM
Genomic organization of Penicillium chrysogenum chs4, a class III chitin synthase gene
A genomic clone containing the full gene encoding Chs4, a class III chitinsynthase in Penicillium chrysogenum, was cloned by PCR screening and colony hybridization from the genomic library, suggesting that chitinsynthase is essential for hyphal growth.
Maribacter polysiphoniae sp. nov., isolated from a red alga.
Analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence of the strain revealed that it formed a distinct lineage within the genus Maribacter, family Flavobacteriaceae, with sequence similarities in the range 94.6-96.9 %.