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Vitamin estimations of three edible species of Attacidae caterpillars from Zaire.
An enzyme immunoassay for prostate-specific p30 antigen detection in the postcoital vaginal tract.
A sandwich enzyme immunoassay test utilising a mouse monoclonal antibody has been adapted for the sensitive detection of the p30 prostatic antigen in semen and in postcoital vaginal swabs. In liquidExpand
Volatile fatty acids and rumination in the goat.
Cytokine modulation of basophil histamine release in wasp‐venom allergy
A significant enhancement of basophil releasability to antigen in wasp‐venom allergy by very low concentrations of IL‐3, GM‐CSF, and IL‐5 suggests that cytokines in the Basophil (mast‐cell?) microenvironment could be critical factors in determining the variability of sting reactions in Hymenoptera‐ venom‐allergic subjects. Expand
First record of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes Newstead, 1910 and Glossina morsitans submorsitans Newstead, 1910 in southwestern Saudi Arabia.
Two species of tsetse flies, Glossina fuscipes fuscipes and G. morsitans submorsitans, are, for the first time, recorded from southwestern Saudi Arabia, near Gizan. This discovery is shortlyExpand
Detection of p30 antigen in sexual assault case material.
A sandwich enzyme immunoassay for the detection of p30 prostate specific antigen was applied in 52 forensic cases and results indicate that the p30 assay gave no false positive and fewer false negative reactions than the acid phosphatase test. Expand
Spiroplasmas from European Tabanidae
The first isolated of tabanid spiroplasmas (tsp) from the Palaearctic region is reported, collected during July 1989 from the ‘Forst de Paimpont’ in Central Brittany, Western France. Expand