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Nanowire dye-sensitized solar cells
This work introduces a version of the dye-sensitized cell in which the traditional nanoparticle film is replaced by a dense array of oriented, crystalline ZnO nanowires, which features a surface area up to one-fifth as large as a nanoparticle cell. Expand
Nanowire ultraviolet photodetectors and optical switches
no attention has been given to the photoconducting properties of nanowires despite the exciting possibilities for use in optoelectronic circuits. Here, we show the possibility of creating highlyExpand
General route to vertical ZnO nanowire arrays using textured ZnO seeds.
A method for growing vertical ZnO nanowire arrays on arbitrary substrates using either gas-phase or solution-phase approaches is presented and the nanorod arrays made in solution have a rod diameter, length, density, and orientation desirable for use in ordered Nanorod-polymer solar cells. Expand
Schottky solar cells based on colloidal nanocrystal films.
This NC device produces one of the largest short-circuit currents of any nanostructured solar cell, without the need for sintering, superlattice order or separate phases for electron and hole transport. Expand
Dependence of carrier mobility on nanocrystal size and ligand length in PbSe nanocrystal solids.
The results establish a baseline for mobility trends in PbSe NC solids, with implications for fabricating high-mobility NC-based optoelectronic devices, and find that carrier mobility is independent of the polydispersity of the NC samples, which can be understood if percolation networks of the larger-diameter, smaller-band-gap NCs carry most of the current in these NCsolids. Expand
▪ Abstract Semiconductor nanowires and nanotubes exhibit novel electronic and optical properties owing to their unique structural one-dimensionality and possible quantum confinement effects in twoExpand
Structural, optical, and electrical properties of self-assembled films of PbSe nanocrystals treated with 1,2-ethanedithiol.
The LbL process described here is a general strategy for producing uniform, conductive nanocrystal films for applications in optoelectronics and solar energy conversion. Expand
ZnO nanowire transistors.
A dynamic gate effect that seems to involve mobile surface charges and causes hysteresis in the transconductance, among other effects is described. Expand