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Eddies and Tropical Instability Waves in the eastern tropical Pacific: A review
Abstract Mesoscale eddies and tropical instability waves in the eastern tropical Pacific, first revealed by satellite infrared imagery, play an important role in the dynamics and biology of theExpand
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Inverse-estuarine Features of the Upper Gulf of California
The Upper Gulf of California is the shallow (depth <30 m), tidal area at the head of the Gulf of California. It is an inverse estuary, due to the high evaporation rate (E∼1·1 m year−1) and almost nilExpand
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Lagrangian Observations of the Circulation in the Northern Gulf of California
Abstract ARGOS drifters deployed in the Northern Gulf of California in September 1995 showed the presence of a cyclonic gyre, while a second deployment in March 1996 revealed an anticyclonic gyre. AExpand
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An Overview of the Physical Oceanography of the Gulf of California
The Gulf of California (GC) presents several oceanographic features that make it unique among semienclosed seas of similar latitude and dimensions, the most important being strong tidal mixing, someExpand
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On how the colorado river affected the hydrography of the upper Gulf of California
The hydrography of the shallow (<30 m) Upper Gulf of California was mapped during a rare Colorado River fresh water discharge, which occurred during March and April, 1993. This provided (a) anExpand
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Tidal dissipation and stratification in the Gulf of California
The effect of tidal mixing upon the distribution of stratification and sea surface temperature (SST) in the Gulf of California is studied by direct observation and by numerical modeling. Data fromExpand
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The Gulf of California: Review of ecosystem status and sustainability challenges
The Gulf of California is unique because of its geographical location and conformation. It hosts diverse ecosystems and important fisheries that support industry and provide livelihood to coastalExpand
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Supersquirt: Dynamics of the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico
T H E LAST TWO DECADES have seen a continuing effort to observe and model the response to wind forcing in the coastal ocean along eastern boundaries of ocean basins. The emphasis of research hasExpand
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On the summer poleward coastal current off SW México
[1] For the first time on the basis of direct observations (June 2003 and June 2005), the characteristics of the summer-time coastal poleward current off SW Mexico are reported. Only the surfaceExpand
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A review of eastern tropical Pacific oceanography: Summary
Abstract The collection of articles in this volume reviewing eastern tropical Pacific oceanography is briefly summarized, and updated references are given. The region is an unusual biologicalExpand
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