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Liberating the Intellectual Domain From the Practice: Public Relations, Activism, and the Role of the Scholar
Unlike practitioners, public relations scholars must consider unintended consequences of public relations practices at the societal and individual levels. By extending the domain in this way, logicalExpand
Public Relations Roles, Intraorganizational Power, and Encroachment
Encroachment occurs in public relations when professionals with expertise in such fields as marketing, law, human resources, or engineering occupy the senior public relations position in anExpand
Maintaining the Double Standard: Portrayals of Age and Gender in Popular Films
An analysis of the top 100 domestic grossing films of 2002 found evidence of a lingering double standard for aging female and male characters. Overall, major male characters outnumbered major femaleExpand
Imperialism and encroachment in public relations
Abstract Using a systematic sample of 168 public relations practitioners in the United States, the author examined the effects of aggressive movement of the marketing, legal, personnel, and humanExpand
Public relations manager involvement in strategic issue diagnosis
Abstract This pilot study seeks to build theoretical understanding of how public relations practitioner involvement in one type of strategic organizational decision making—strategic issueExpand
Constructing Gender Stereotypes Through Social Roles in Prime-Time Television
Using a sample of 124 prime-time television programs airing on the 6 broadcast networks during the 2005–06 season, this study examined the social roles enacted by female and male characters. TheExpand
Recognition and Respect Revisited: Portrayals of Age and Gender in Prime-Time Television
Analyzing prime-time programs from the 2002–2003 season, this study examined the recognition and respect afforded characters in varying demographic groups. Although Americans 60 and older constituteExpand
Making a difference in prime time: Women on screen and behind the scenes in the 1995–96 television season
Considering the top 65 prime‐time series in the first 14 weeks of the 1995–96 television season, this study examined the relationship between women working behind the scenes and use of powerfulExpand
Public Relations Practitioner Role Enactment in Issues Management
Public relations practitioners usually assume a primary role as either managers or technicians. This study examines how these roles are related to issues management and concludes that managers areExpand
When marketing involvement matters at the manager level
Abstract This study examined how interdependencies created by domain similarity and resource dependence are related to interdepartmental power. Specifically, the study focused on the relationshipExpand