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Aryl-aryl bond formation by transition-metal-catalyzed direct arylation.
A number of improvements have developed the former process into an industrially very useful and attractive method for the construction of aryl -aryl bonds, but the need still exists for more efficient routes whereby the same outcome is accomplished, but with reduced waste and in fewer steps. Expand
Rhodium-catalyzed coupling reactions of arylboronic acids to olefins in aqueous media.
Synthesis of 2-vinylic indoles and derivatives via a Pd-catalyzed tandem coupling reaction.
A novel one-step synthesis of valuable 2-vinylic indoles and their tricycle derivatives is described, which occurs via an efficient Pd-catalyzed tandem Buchwald-Hartwig/Heck reaction. Expand
New frontiers in asymmetric catalysis
PREFACE. CONTRIBUTORS. 1 Ligand Design for Catalytic Asymmetric Reduction (Takeshi Ohkuma, Masato Kitamura, and Ryoji Noyori) 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Hydrogenation of Olefins. 1.3 Reduction of Ketones.Expand
Total synthesis of ionomycin using ring-opening strategies.
The total synthesis of the polyether antibiotic ionomycin, a calcium ionophore, is described, demonstrating the utility of ring-opening methodologies as applied to the synthesis of polypropionate and deoxypolyPropionate subunits. Expand
A general modular method of azaindole and thienopyrrole synthesis via Pd-catalyzed tandem couplings of gem-dichloroolefins.
A palladium-catalyzed reaction of gem-dichloroolefins and a boronic acid via a tandem intramolecular C-N and intermolecular Suzuki coupling process gave corresponding substituted azaindoles orExpand
Allylic Substitution Reactions