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Russia's Arctic Strategies and the Future of the Far North
Translations of approximately sixty selections from China's twentieth-century human rights discourse, rendered into fluid, non-technical English. The documents are arranged chronologically and areExpand
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Religious revival, nationalism and the ‘invention of tradition’: political Tengrism in Central Asia and Tatarstan
Abstract This article aims to analyse the birth of a new ideological movement called ‘Tengrism’. According to its theoreticians, Tengrism represents a key element in the identity renewal ofExpand
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In the Name of the Nation: Nationalism and Politics in Contemporary Russia
PART I: MOBILIZING AGAINST THE OTHER: FROM THE EXTREME RIGHT TO MASS XENOPHOBIA The Soviet Origins of Russian Nationalism The Evolution of Political Radicalism, 1990-2000 On the Impossibility of aExpand
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The three colors of Novorossiya, or the Russian nationalist mythmaking of the Ukrainian crisis
While the annexation of Crimea boosted Putin's popularity at home, the Donbas insurgency shattered the domestic ideological status quo. The Kremlin's position appeared somehow hesitant, fostering theExpand
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The Return of the Aryan Myth: Tajikistan in Search of a Secularized National Ideology
  • M. Laruelle
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  • 1 March 2007
For more than a decade, the five Central Asian republics have been “readjusting” their academic institutions in response to the new borders created by the fall of the USSR and subsequent independenceExpand
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Russia as a “Divided Nation,” from Compatriots to Crimea: A Contribution to the Discussion on Nationalism and Foreign Policy
The assumption that Russia’s foreign policy is “nationalist,” advanced as the main explanation to understand the Ukrainian crisis of 2014, needs to be questioned. First it is almost impossible toExpand
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In the Name of the Nation
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The Ideological Shift on the Russian Radical Right
Russian nationalism has evolved from an anti-Western orientation to a campaign of identification with "white Europe" against a growing influx of "peoples of color" that imperils Russia's uniqueExpand
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Russian Nationalism and the National Reassertion of Russia
List of Tables and Figures. Preface - John B. Dunlop 1. Introduction - Marlene Laruelle Part I: Historical And Conceptual Issues In The Study Of Russian Nationalism 2. Rethinking Russian Nationalism:Expand
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