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Ecofeminism : Women, Animals, Nature
Preface 1. Living Interconnections with Animals and Nature -- Greta Gaard 2. Ecofeminism: Linking Theory and Practice -- Janis Birkeland 3. Dismantling Oppression: An Analysis of the ConnectionExpand
Priapism: a review of 46 cases.
Shunt surgery for priapism: review of results.
In a review of the literature on shunt operations for priapism, 100 case reports were found, the over-all result in terms of potency is 61 per cent and a unilateral operation appears to yield better results than a bilateral one. Expand
Seeding mechanism of urothelium over nonepithelialized surfaces.
It was concluded that urothelium in the process of covering nonepithelialized surfaces is able to seed at a distance from the periphery of the defect as one means of epithelializing a defect. Expand