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Targeting consumers who are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products
Concerns related to the environment are evident in the increasingly ecologically conscious marketplace. Using various statistical analyses, investigats the demographic, psychological and behavioralExpand
Acculturaton to the global consumer culture: Scale development and research paradigm
Abstract The globalization of the marketplace and how this process is shaping the cultural characteristics of people around the world is arguably the most critical issue facing internationalExpand
The influence of country image structure on consumer evaluations of foreign products
Purpose – This study was designed to extend knowledge of cognitive processing of country of origin cues by refining the concept of country image and investigating its role in productExpand
The effects of social media based brand communities on brand community markers, value creation practices, brand trust and brand loyalty
It is shown that brand trust has a full mediating role in converting value creation practices into brand loyalty and that such communities could enhance brand loyalty through brand use and impression management practices. Expand
Cosmopolitanism, Consumer Ethnocentrism, and Materialism: An Eight-Country Study of Antecedents and Outcomes
Although there is a consensus that industries are globalizing, the notion that consumer attitudes and behaviors worldwide are likewise homogenizing remains disputed. Despite widespread discourse onExpand
The roles of brand community and community engagement in building brand trust on social media
A model depicting how consumers' relationship with the elements of a brand community based on social media influence brand trust finds that three of the four relationships positively influence brandTrust, however, customer-other customers' relationships negatively influence brand Trust, which is counter intuitive and interesting. Expand
To be or not to be in social media: How brand loyalty is affected by social media?
It is found that brand trust has a fully mediating role in converting the effects of enhanced relationships in brand community to brand loyalty. Expand
Exploring How Intangibility Affects Perceived Risk
Studies have found that product intangibility increases consumers’ perception of risk. However, most of these studies measured the intangibility and perceived risk constructs unidimensionally. TheExpand
Internet versus Bricks-and-Mortar Retailers: An Investigation into Intangibility and Its Consequences
Intangibility has long been studied as a unidimensional construct with the focus being placed upon the physical element. This paper explores the effects of three unique intangibility dimensions on aExpand
Brand familiarity and confidence as determinants of purchase intention: An empirical test in a multiple brand context
Abstract Building on previous research, this article examines the relationships among brand familiarity, confidence in brand evaluations, brand attitudes, and purchase intention. The empiricalExpand