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One-Level Storage System
An automatic system which in principle can be applied to any combination of two storage systems so that the combination can be regarded by the machine user as a single level is described. Expand
Task estimating: completion time versus team size
A careful estimate of a certain task indicated that it could be completed by four engineers in six months, so the completion effort was twenty-four engineer-months. It is logical to assume thereforeExpand
Ferrite-core memory systems with rapid cycle times
Improvements in storage systems using currently available square-loop ferrite cores are considered. These enable the normal cycle time of 6–10 microsec to be reduced to less than 2 microsec. EffortExpand
Tunnel diode storage system with non-destructive read-out
A brief survey of some tunnel diode storage systems is presented and a description of a particular system with a non-destructive read-out feature is given. The design of this system is discussed inExpand
A structure for technological innovation
Technological innovation starts with pure research and ends with product design. It is commonly called 'research and development', or just 'R&D'. This jargon obscures a relatively complex processExpand
Business studies in engineering degree courses
This article contends that excellence in product design is now a survival requirement for British manufacturing industry, and that most British engineering degree courses deliver graduatesExpand
Project control with delta analysis
Effective project control depends on comparing, at a specific time, the planned values of project progress and project cost with the corresponding actual values. Actual project cost is periodicallyExpand
Developments in high-speed computer storage systems
Advances in semiconductor devices have improved the speed of logic and control circuits to such an extent that the speed of a computer is now limited by that of its store.