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Estimating the grazing impact of marine micro-zooplankton
This paper describes a dilution technique for estimating the micro-zooplankton grazing impact on natural communities of marine phytoplankton. Experiments performed in coastal waters off Washington,Expand
Phytoplankton growth, microzooplankton grazing, and carbon cycling in marine systems
We present an analysis of the global impact of microplanktonic grazers on marine phytoplankton and its implications for remineralization processes in the microbial community. The data were obtainedExpand
A massive phytoplankton bloom induced by an ecosystem-scale iron fertilization experiment in the equatorial Pacific Ocean
The seeding of an expanse of surface waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean with low concentrations of dissolved iron triggered a massive phytoplankton bloom which consumed large quantities of carbonExpand
Spatial patterns in phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing in the Arabian Sea during monsoon forcing
Abstract Spatial patterns in the rates of phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing were investigated in the Arabian Sea during the Southwest Monsoon (August–September) and early NortheastExpand
Cellular iron contents of plankton during the Southern Ocean Iron Experiment (SOFeX)
Abstract Iron (Fe) availability limits phytoplankton biomass and production in large regions of the Southern Ocean and influences community composition and size structure, which may affect C exportExpand
Thermoporometry by differential scanning calorimetry: experimental considerations and applications
Abstract Thermoporometry is a calorimetric method for characterizing pore structure from the melting or freezing point depression of a liquid confined in a pore, by reason of the added contributionExpand
Carbon cycling in primary production bottle incubations: inferences from grazing experiments and photosynthetic studies using and in the Arabian Sea
Abstract Estimates of photosynthesis based on the incorporation of 14 C -labeled inorganic carbon into particulate carbon were compared to estimates of gross photosynthesis based on net O 2Expand
Southern Ocean Iron Enrichment Experiment: Carbon Cycling in High- and Low-Si Waters
The availability of iron is known to exert a controlling influence on biological productivity in surface waters over large areas of the ocean and may have been an important factor in the variation ofExpand
Synthesis of iron fertilization experiments: From the iron age in the age of enlightenment
Comparison of eight iron experiments shows that maximum Chl a, the maximum DIC removal, and the overall DIC/Fe efficiency all scale inversely with depth of the wind mixed layer (WML) defining theExpand
Response of microbial community structure to environmental forcing in the Arabian Sea
Abstract The effect of environmental forcing on microbial community structure was investigated in the Arabian Sea during four seasonal cruises during 1995: late Northeast Monsoon (January); SpringExpand