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Combined application of QEM-SEM and hard X-ray microscopy to determine mineralogical associations and chemical speciation of trace metals.
Quantitative evaluation of mineralogy by scanning electron microscopy coupled with micro-focused X-ray diffraction, micro-X-ray fluorescence, and micro-x-ray absorption near edge structure (mXANES) spectroscopy provided detailed insights into the composition of mineral assemblages and their effect on trace metal speciation during this investigation. Expand
Rapid dehydroxylation of nickeliferous goethite in lateritic nickel ore: X-ray diffraction and TEM investigation
A method for extracting Ni and other metals from lateritic ores by means of shock heating has been investigated. Shock heating releases some of the metal from its goethitic host. Even though theExpand
Nickel distribution and speciation in rapidly dehydroxylated goethite in oxide-type lateritic nickel ores: XAS and TEM spectroscopic (EELS and EFTEM) investigation
The distribution of Ni in four lateritic Ni-goethites that were rapidly dehydroxylated to form hematite by shock heating at 340/400°C and 800°C for 30 min was investigated using synchrotron X-rayExpand
Dissolution kinetics of dehydroxylated nickeliferous goethite from limonitic lateritic nickel ore
Abstract The dissolution kinetics in 2 M H 2 SO 4 of variously dehydroxylated nickeliferous goethites was investigated for five oxide-type lateritic nickel deposits. Goethite was the main constituentExpand
Dehydroxylation and dissolution of nickeliferous goethite in New Caledonian lateritic Ni ore
Abstract Goethite is a major constituent in ferruginous soils in a lateritic nickel deposit on the Koniambo massif in New Caledonia, and dehydroxylation of nickeliferous goethite may occur naturallyExpand
Chemistry of trace and heavy metals in bauxite residues (red mud) from Western Australia
Introduction Bauxite residue is a mineral slurry left behind after extracting alumina from bauxitic ores using the Bayer process. Bauxite residues are strongly alkaline, have a high salt content andExpand
Mercury accumulation in Tennessee River Valley mosses
Moss accumulation of mercury via precipitation and not substrate absorption would serve to provide indication of mercury contamination in the atmosphere. Collections of the moss CirriphyllumExpand
Semeiologia, Semiotic Bridges, and the “New Science” in Donne's Ignatius His Conclave and An Anatomy of the World*
ABSTRACT This paper re-examines a number of scholarly claims about John Donne’s attitudes toward the “New Science” in Ignatius His Conclave and An Anatomy of the World. Published in the same yearExpand
Increasing student engagement through the development of interdisciplinary courses: Linking engineering and technology, the sciences, and the humanities
The preliminary results indicate that, while there is a need for continuous retooling of the course model to better reflects the General Education goals and the university culture, this is a successful course model for this institution. Expand