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The Study of Boundaries in the Social Sciences
In recent years, the concept of boundaries has been at the center of influential research agendas in anthropology, history, political science, social psychology, and sociology. This article surveys
Money, Morals and Manners: The Culture of the French and American Upper- Middle Class.
Drawing on remarkably frank, in-depth interviews with 160 successful men in the United States and France, Michele Lamont provides a rare and revealing collective portrait of the upper-middle
The concept of cultural capital has been increasingly used in American sociology to study the impact of cultural reproduction on social reproduction. However, much confusion surrounds this concept.
Toward a Comparative Sociology of Valuation and Evaluation
This review discusses North American and European research from the sociology of valuation and evaluation (SVE), a research topic that has attracted considerable attention in recent years. The goal
The Dignity of Working Men: Morality and the Boundaries of Race
Introduction: Making Sense of Their Worlds The Questions The People The Research I. American Workers 1. The World in Moral Order "Disciplined Selves": Survival, Work Ethic, and Responsibility
Reconsidering Culture and Poverty
Culture is back on the poverty research agenda. Over the past decade, sociologists, demographers, and even economists have begun asking questions about the role of culture in many aspects of poverty
The Dignity of Working Men
What is missing? Cultural processes and causal pathways to inequality
Thispaperprovidesaframeworkforunderstandingthewaysinwhichsocialprocesses produce social inequality. Specifically, we focus on a particular type of social process that has received limited attention
How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment
* Contents * Opening the Black Box of Peer Review * How Panels Work * On Disciplinary Cultures * Pragmatic Fairness: Customary Rules of Deliberation * Recognizing Various Kinds of Excellence *