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A survey on the use of relevance feedback for information access systems
We study both automatic techniques, in which the system modifies the user's query and interactive techniques, which the user has control over query modification. Expand
Models of user engagement
This paper provides initial insights into engagement patterns, allowing for a better understanding of the important characteristics of how users repeatedly interact with a service or group of services. Expand
XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text
Absence time and user engagement: evaluating ranking functions
In the online industry, user engagement is measured with various engagement metrics used to assess users' depth of engagement with a website. Expand
Measuring User Engagement
User engagement refers to the quality of the user experience that emphasizes the positive aspects of interacting with an online application and, in particular, the desire to use that application longer and repeatedly. Expand
Overview of the INEX 2007 Entity Ranking Track
The INEX 2007 XML Entity Ranking track has build a test collection for the evaluation of information retrieval systems that support users that search for specific entities rather than just any type of documents. Expand
Towards a science of user engagement.
User engagement is a key concept in designing user-centred web applications. It refers to the quality of the user experience that emphasises the positive aspects of the interaction, and in particularExpand
Interpretable Predictions of Tree-based Ensembles via Actionable Feature Tweaking
We present a technique that exploits the internals of a tree-based ensemble classifier to offer recommendations for transforming true negative instances into positively predicted ones. Expand
"Narrowcast yourself": designing for community storytelling in a rural Indian context
The StoryBank project is examining technologies and practices to allow digitally impoverished communities to take part in the user-generated content revolution. Expand