M. Lakshmi Narasu

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The lignocellulosic biomass is a low-cost renewable resource for eco-benign liquid fuel 'ethanol'. To resolve the hydrolysis of mixed sugars in lignocellulosic substrate Saccharum spontaneum, the(More)
Saccharum spontaneum is a wasteland weed consists of 45.10+/-0.35% cellulose and 22.75+/-0.28% of hemicellulose on dry solid (DS) basis. Aqueous ammonia delignified S. spontaneum yielded total(More)
Promoter sequences of a 795 bp cinnamoyl CoA reductase (LlCCR) and 1,882 bp cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase (LlCAD) genes were isolated from Leucaena leucocephala, a leguminous tree species by genome(More)