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Lightest sterile neutrino abundance within the nuMSM
We determine the abundance of the lightest (dark matter) sterile neutrinos created in the Early Universe due to active-sterile neutrino transitions from the thermal plasma. Our starting point is the
Sterile neutrino dark matter as a consequence of nuMSM-induced lepton asymmetry
It has been pointed out by one of the authors (Shaposhnikov 2008Preprint0804.4542) that in the νMSM (Standard Model extended with three right-handed neutrinos with masses smaller than the electroweak
Real-time static potential in hot QCD
We derive a static potential for a heavy quark- antiquark pair propagating in Minkowski time at finite temperature, by defining a suitable gauge-invariant Green's function and computing it to first
The Pressure of hot QCD up to g6 ln(1/g)
The free energy density, or pressure, of QCD has at high temperatures an expansion in the coupling constant g, known so far up to order g^5. We compute here the last contribution which can be
Quark mass thresholds in QCD thermodynamics
We discuss radiative corrections to how quark mass thresholds are crossed, as a function of the temperature, in basic thermodynamic observables such as the pressure, the energy and entropy densities,
Two-loop QCD gauge coupling at high temperatures
We determine the 2-loop effective gauge coupling of QCD at high temperatures, defined as a matching coefficient appearing in the dimensionally reduced effective field theory. The result allows to
GeV-scale hot sterile neutrino oscillations: a derivation of evolution equations
A bstractStarting from operator equations of motion and making arguments based on a separation of time scales, a set of equations is derived which govern the non-equilibrium time evolution of a
Improved determination of sterile neutrino dark matter spectrum
A bstractThe putative recent indication of an unidentified 3.55 keV X-ray line in certain astrophysical sources is taken as a motivation for an improved theoretical computation of the cosmological