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High-resolution imaging of dust shells by using Keck aperture masking and the IOTA interferometer
We present first results of an experiment to combine data from Keck aperture masking and the Infrared-Optical Telescope Array to image the circumstellar environments of evolved stars with ~20 masExpand
Interferometric observations of the supergiant stars α Orionis and α Herculis with FLUOR at IOTA
We report the observations in the K band of the red supergiant star α Orionis and of the bright giant star α Herculis with the FLUOR beamcombiner at the IOTA interferometer. The high quality of theExpand
Unveiling Mira stars behind the molecules - Confirmation of the molecular layer model with narrow band near-infrared interferometry
We have observed Mira stars with the FLUOR beamcombiner on the IOTA interferometer in narrow bands around $2.2\,\mu$m wavelength. We find systematically larger diameters in bands contaminated byExpand
Few Skewed Disks Found in First Closure-Phase Survey of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
Using the three-telescope IOTA interferometer on Mount Hopkins, we report results from the first near-infrared (lambda = 1.65 mu m) closure-phase survey of young stellar objects (YSOs). These closureExpand
Nine bright O-rich Mira stars and five semiregular variable cool M giants have been observed with the Infrared and Optical Telescope Array (IOTA) interferometer in both K 0 (� 2.15 lm) and L 0 (� 3.8Expand
First Surface-resolved Results with the Infrared Optical Telescope Array Imaging Interferometer: Detection of Asymmetries in Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
We have measured nonzero closure phases for about 29% of our sample of 56 nearby asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars, using the three-telescope Infrared Optical Telescope Array (IOTA) interferometerExpand
The limb-darkened Arcturus: imaging with the IOTA/IONIC interferometer
Aims. We undertook an H band interferometric examination of Arcturus, a star frequently used as a spatial and spectral calibrator. Methods. Using the IOTA 3 telescope interferometer, we performedExpand
VLBA observations of SiO masers towards Mira variable stars
We present new total intensity and linear polarization VLBA observations of the ν = 2a ndν = 1 J = 1−0 maser transitions of SiO at 42.8 and 43.1 GHz in a number of Mira variable stars over aExpand
No Expanding Fireball: Resolving the Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi with Infrared Interferometry
Following the recent outburst of the recurrent nova RS Oph on 2006 February 12, we measured its near-infrared size using the IOTA, Keck, and PTI Interferometers at multiple epochs. The characteristicExpand