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Neutron detection alternatives to 3He for national security applications
One of the main uses for 3He is in gas proportional counters for neutron detection. Large radiation detection systems deployed for homeland security and proliferation detection applications use suchExpand
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Cosmic-Ray-Induced Ship-Effect Neutron Measurements and Implications for Cargo Scanning at Borders
Abstract Neutron measurements are used as part of the interdiction process for illicit nuclear materials at border crossings. Even though the natural neutron background is small, its variation canExpand
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Neutron detection gamma ray sensitivity criteria
The shortage of 3He has triggered the search for effective alternative neutron detection technologies for national security and safeguards applications. Any new detection technology must satisfy twoExpand
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Prompt fission neutron energy spectra induced by fast neutrons
Abstract Prompt fission neutron energy spectra for 235 U and 239 Pu have been measured for fission neutron energies greater than the energy of the incident neutrons inducing fission. The measurementsExpand
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Full Scale Coated Fiber Neutron Detector Measurements
Radiation portal monitors used for interdiction of illicit materials at borders include highly sensitive neutron detection systems. The main reason for having neutron detection capability is toExpand
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Alternatives to Helium-3 for neutron multiplicity counters
Multiplicity counters are an example of a neutron detection system affected by the shortage of 3He. Efforts are underway to identify potential 3He neutron detector replacements for use inExpand
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Advanced radiation imaging of low-intensity gamma-ray sources
Abstract Imaging gamma-ray sources and distributions of low intensity is difficult using current commercially available radiation imagers. Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. has carried out theExpand
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Flow cytometer in the infrared: Inexpensive modifications to a commercial instrument
The application of molecules that fluoresce in the infrared (IR) region to measure cell products would be enhanced by a flow cytometer capable of measuring them. To our knowledge, none exist at thisExpand
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Advanced multi-dimensional imaging of gamma-ray radiation
Abstract The tracking of radiation contamination and distribution has become a high-priority US DOE task. To support DOE needs, Radiation Monitoring Devices Inc. has been actively carrying outExpand
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Final Technical Report for the Neutron Detection without Helium-3 Project
This report details the results of the research and development work accomplished for the ‘Neutron Detection without Helium-3’ project conducted during the 2011-2013 fiscal years. The primary focusExpand
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