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The USA PATRIOT Act and Punctuated Equilibrium
The USA PATRIOT Act and Punctuated Equilibrium by Michael L. Sanders MS, Thomas A. Edison State College, 2012 BA, Thomas A. Edison State College, 2007 Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of
Wellington House and British Propaganda during the First World War
At the outbreak of war in August 1914, the Germans poured out propaganda in the form of posters, leaflets and pamphlets, in an attempt to explain Germany's entry into the war and discredit the
Looking into the Abyss: George Orwell at the BBC
In 1984, coincidentally but not inappropriately, the present authors published an article1 which analysed the development of Orwell's attitude towards the concept of propaganda, particularly in the
The Organisation of Official British Propaganda, 1916–18
The assumption of complete control by the Foreign Office over all matters relating to propaganda abroad in January 1916 did little to mitigate more fundamental criticism concerning its methods,
British Propaganda in Enemy Countries
In 1932, a German spy who had worked undetected in the War Office censorship organisation for the entirety of the First World War wrote: Even today the poison is still working that Britain instilled
British Propaganda in the United States
In September 1914, the Foreign Office and Wellington House were in complete agreement that by far the most important of neutral countries was the United States of America. The reasons for this were
The Methods and Distribution of British Propaganda
When Beaverbrook and Northcliffe assumed control over Britain’s propaganda machinery in February 1918, their appointments held out the promise of a radical change in the methods employed by the