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The FFT Moving Average (FFT-MA) Generator: An Efficient Numerical Method for Generating and Conditioning Gaussian Simulations
A fast Fourier transform (FFT) moving average (FFT-MA) method for generating Gaussian stochastic processes is derived. Using discrete Fourier transforms makes the calculations easy and fast so thatExpand
Microstructures, percolation thresholds, and rock physical properties
Abstract The physical properties (transport properties and mechanical properties) of porous/cracked rocks are mainly functions of their microstructure. In this connection the problem of criticalExpand
Elastic wave velocities in partially saturated rocks: Saturation hysteresis
An effective medium approach (differential self-consistent scheme) has been used to calculate elastic wave velocities in rocks containing spherical pores and ellipsoidal cracks with two fluid phases.Expand
High- and low-frequency elastic moduli for a saturated porous/cracked rock-Differential self-consistent and poroelastic theories
Although P‐ and S‐wave dispersion is known to be important in porous/cracked rocks, theoretical predictions of such dispersions have never been given. We report such calculations and show that theExpand
Magnitude of velocity anomalies prior to earthquakes
A model is presented which allows us to reexamine the interpretation of velocity anomalies observed before some earthquakes occur. This model extends the well-known dilatancy models by accounting forExpand
Simultaneous Inversion of Production Data and Seismic Attributes: Application to a Synthetic SAGD Produced Field Case
The joint use of production data and time-lapse seismic attributes can help to understand fluid flows within geological formations and to build reliable numerical models for representing theseExpand
Scales of rock permeability
Permeability is a transport property which is currently measured in Darcy units. Although this unit is very convenient for most purposes, its use prevents from recognizing that permeability has unitsExpand
Upscaling: Effective Medium Theory, Numerical Methods and the Fractal Dream
Fractal models have become popular precisely because they are free of the assumption of statistical homogeneity and yet do not involve numerical methods, and it is suggested that using a physical criterion as a means to discriminate whether fractality is a dream or reality would be more satisfactory than relying on a limited data set alone. Expand
History matching of petroleum reservoir models by the Ensemble Kalman Filter and parameterization methods
This work proposes to combine the EnKF with two parameterization methods designed to preserve second-order statistical properties: pilot points and gradual deformation to prevent the departure of the constrained petrophysical property distributions from prior information. Expand