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Respiratory active mitochondrial supercomplexes.
The structural organization of the mitochondrial respiratory complexes as four big independently moving entities connected by the mobile carriers CoQ and cytochrome c has been challenged recently.Expand
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Iron availability affects mcyD expression and microcystin-LR synthesis in Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806.
Microcystins are toxins produced by cyanobacteria that entail serious health and environmental problems. They are cyclic heptapeptides synthesized via a mixed polyketide synthase/non-ribosomalExpand
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NADH Oxidase Activity of Mitochondrial Apoptosis-inducing Factor*
Apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF) is a mitochondrial flavoprotein, which translocates to the nucleus during apoptosis and causes chromatin condensation and large scale DNA fragmentation. Here we reportExpand
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2‐oxoglutarate enhances NtcA binding activity to promoter regions of the microcystin synthesis gene cluster
The binding affinity of NtcA towards promoter regions of the microcystin gene cluster from Microcystis aeruginosa PCC 7806 has been analyzed by band‐shift assay (EMSA). The key nitrogenExpand
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Identification of a furA cis antisense RNA in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7120.
Ferric uptake regulation (Fur) proteins are prokaryotic transcriptional regulators that integrate iron metabolism with several environmental stress responses. The regulatory network that governs FurExpand
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Fur from Microcystis aeruginosa binds in vitro promoter regions of the microcystin biosynthesis gene cluster.
Promoter regions of the mcy operon from Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806, which is responsible for microcystin synthesis in this organism, exhibit sequences that are similar to the sequences recognizedExpand
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Identification of a Ferric uptake regulator from Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806.
Ferric uptake regulator (Fur) proteins are widely recognized as repressors that in many prokaryotes regulate a large number of genes involved in iron homeostasis and oxidative stress response. In ourExpand
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Phosphate deficiency (N/P 40:1) induces mcyD transcription and microcystin synthesis in Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806.
A real-time RT-PCR analysis of the transcriptional response to phosphate availability of the mcyD gene and microcystin-LR synthesis in Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806 revealed that no significantExpand
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Crystal structure determination at 1.4 A resolution of ferredoxin from the green alga Chlorella fusca.
BACKGROUND [2Fe-2S] ferredoxins, also called plant-type ferredoxins, are low-potential redox proteins that are widely distributed in biological systems. In photosynthesis, the plant-type ferredoxinsExpand
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Flavin excretion from roots of iron-deficient sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
The characteristics of flavin excretion from iron-deficient sugar-beet roots have been studied. Roots from iron-deficient sugar beet excreted flavins when plants were allowed to decrease the pH ofExpand
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