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Impact of soft and hard insole density on postural stability in older adults.
A significant predictor of falls in the elderly population is attributed to postural instability. Thus, it is important to identify and implement practical clinical interventions to enhance posturalExpand
Quality of Life Impact Related to Foot Health in a Sample of Older People with Hallux Valgus.
Hallux Valgus (HV) is a highly prevalent forefoot deformity in older people associated with progressive subluxation and osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint and it is believedExpand
Living with life insurance: a qualitative analysis of the experience of male implantable defibrillator recipients in Spain.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The implantation of defibrillators should not be studied simply on the basis of clinical improvement or quality of life: it is also important to understand the significance,Expand
Plantar pressures in children with and without sever's disease.
BACKGROUND a case-control study was conducted to compare static plantar pressures and distribution of body weight across the two lower limbs, as well as the prevalence of gastrocnemius soleusExpand
The relationship between experiential avoidance and burnout syndrome in critical care nurses: a cross-sectional questionnaire survey.
BACKGROUND Critical care nurses often face complex stressful situations, and the phenomenon of burnout syndrome has been recognized as an important and increasing problem. Recent research suggestsExpand
Self-reported musculoskeletal disorders in podiatrists at work.
UNLABELLED OBJECTOVE: The objective of the study was two-fold: (1) to ascertain the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in podiatrists in Spain, and (2) to identify relationships betweenExpand
Transfer of the flexor digitorum brevis tendon.
BACKGROUND Transposition of the flexor digitorum longus tendon has been widely reported for the correction of flexible claw or hammer toe deformities. In contrast, a search of the literature revealedExpand
Preoperative skin and nail preparation of the foot: comparison of the efficacy of 4 different methods in reducing bacterial load.
BACKGROUND Orthopedic surgical procedures involving the foot and ankle are associated with high rates of infection. The optimal method of preparing the skin and nails for foot and ankle surgeryExpand
Application of cantharidin and podophyllotoxin for the treatment of plantar warts.
BACKGROUND A variety of treatment modalities have been described for cutaneous warts. We sought to determine the safety and efficacy of a topical formulation of cantharidin, podophyllotoxin, andExpand
Efficacy of intraoperative surgical irrigation with polihexanide and nitrofurazone in reducing bacterial load after nail removal surgery.
BACKGROUND A common challenge of nail avulsion surgery is the associated bacterial contamination and infection that can manifest. The toe has a difficult anatomy to antiseptically prepare andExpand