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What is so special about male adolescent sexual offending? A review and test of explanations through meta-analysis.
We tested special and general explanations of male adolescent sexual offending by conducting a meta-analysis of 59 independent studies comparing male adolescent sex offenders (n = 3,855) with maleExpand
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A multisite comparison of actuarial risk instruments for sex offenders.
Four actuarial instruments for the prediction of violent and sexual reoffending (the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide [VRAG], Sex Offender Risk Appraisal Guide [SORAG], Rapid Risk Assessment for SexExpand
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A Brief Screening Scale to Identify Pedophilic Interests Among Child Molesters
Among child molesters, phallometrically measured sexual interest in children is associated with having male victims, multiple victims, younger victims, and extrafamilial victims. These sexual offenseExpand
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Agreement of Self-Reported and Genital Measures of Sexual Arousal in Men and Women: A Meta-Analysis
The assessment of sexual arousal in men and women informs theoretical studies of human sexuality and provides a method to assess and evaluate the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and paraphilias.Expand
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Sexual abuse history among adult sex offenders and non-sex offenders: a meta-analysis.
OBJECTIVE The sexually abused-sexual abuser hypothesis states there is a specific relationship between sexual abuse history and sexual offending, such that individuals who experience sexual abuse areExpand
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The causes of rape: Understanding individual differences in the male propensity for sexual aggression
The Causes of Rape: Understanding Individual Differences in Male Propensity for Sexual Aggression examines why some men seem prone to rape, offers probable causes for this inclination, and provides aExpand
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Sexual orientation and handedness in men and women: a meta-analysis.
Recent findings suggest that sexual orientation has an early neurodevelopmental basis. Handedness, a behavioral marker of early neurodevelopment, has been associated with sexual orientation in someExpand
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Do people differentially remember cheaters?
The evolution of reciprocal altruism probably involved the evolution of mechanisms to detect cheating and remember cheaters. In a well-known study, Mealey, Daood, and Krage (1996) observed thatExpand
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The Discriminability of Rapists from Non-Sex Offenders Using Phallometric Measures
The authors examined how well identified rapists could be discriminated from non-sex offenders using phallometric assessments, what variables might moderate this discrimination, and whether rapistsExpand
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Sex differences in intra-sex variations in human mating tactics: An evolutionary approach
Abstract We assessed sex differences in the effects of physical attractiveness and earning potential on mate selection, and sex differences in preferences and motivations with regard to short-termExpand
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