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Memoirs: The Reproductive System of the Planarian Artioposthia Triangulata (Dendy)
The writer refers Geoplana triangulata Dendy to the genus Artioposthia owing to the presence of adenodactyli in the atrium masculinum, which suggests the possibility of these latter performing the function of a penis.
Otodistomum plunketi n. sp., a large trematode from a Lord Plunket's shark, Scymnodon plunketi (Waite).
  • M. L. Fyfe
  • Biology, Geology
  • 1 November 1953
A new species is described from the Lord Plunket's Shark Scymnodon plunketi caught in Otago Harbour, New Zealand, which is mainly distinguished by its size, shape, egg-size and undulating caeca.
Tricotyledonia genypteri n.g., n.sp., a three-suckered trematode from the red ling, Genypterus blacodes Bloch & Schn.
The Genypteri genus is characterized by having a small sucker anterior to the oral sucker and two muscle pads in the forebody.