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A multi-element detector array for heavy fragments emitted in intermediate energy nuclear reactions
Abstract To investigate complex fragment emission in intermediate energy nucleus-nucleus collisions, an array of three-element telescopes has been constructed. The array is designed to measureExpand
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Multifragment production in Au+Au at 35 MeV/u
Abstract Multifragment disintegration has been measured with a high efficiency detection system for the reaction Au + Au at E / A = 35 MeV. From the event shape analysis and the comparison with theExpand
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Statistical multifragmentation in central Au + Au collisions at 35 MeV/u
Abstract Multifragment disintegrations, measured for central Au + Au collisions at E A = 35 MeV , are analyzed with the Statistical Multifragmentation Model. Charge distributions, mean fragmentExpand
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Anita-2000 activation code package: clearance assessment of ITER activated materials
To demonstrate fusion's environmental attractiveness over the entire life cycle, a waste analysis is mandatory. The clearance is recommended by IAEA for releasing activated solid materials fromExpand
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Position determination and resolution of two-dimensional position-sensitive solid-state detectors
Abstract The determination of the coordinates of the incidence position on large solid state detectors, where the position sensitiveness is due to resistive electrodes, is discussed. A method toExpand
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Hard photons and energetic protons as probes of the nuclear dynamics at intermediate energy
SummaryThe emission of hard photons and pre-equilibrium protons has been investigated in exclusive experiments performed with MEDEA detector. The observation of the γ-proton anticorrelation indicatesExpand
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The low energy 2H(α, αp)n reaction
Abstract An investigation of the breakup reaction 2 H(α, αp)n with incident energies of α-particles between 9.847 and 13.991 MeV has been performed. Results from kinematically complete measurementsExpand
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Abstract Temperatures were determined from double isotope ratios and excited state populations and corrected for secondary decay for central Au + Au collisions at 35 AMeV. Consistent emissionExpand
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Towards a better understanding of hard photon emission in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions
High energy photon spectra have been measured in several 58Ni induced reactions at 30A MeV incident energy. A two source analysis of the data has been performed using a two exponentialExpand
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