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Polymorphism of the melatonin receptor MT1 gene and its relationship with seasonal reproductive activity in the Sarda sheep breed.
Results confirmed that the polymorphism of the MTNR1A locus was also present in the Sarda with a higher incidence of the +/+ and C/C genotypes and the animals that carried one of these two gene isoforms showed a not seasonal reproductive activity with the lambing period in September-December.
Phenotypic factors affecting coagulation properties of milk from Sarda ewes.
It is shown that milk from Sarda sheep is characterized by an earlier gelation, a faster increase in curd firmness with time, and greater curd firms after 30 min compared with dairy cows, which confirms the excellent coagulation ability of sheep milk compared with cattle milk.
Relationship between MTNR1A melatonin receptor gene polymorphism and seasonal reproduction in different goat breeds.
The reproductive activity of goats bred in temperate latitude follows a seasonal pattern, influenced by annual variation in day length. Daily variation in pineal melatonin secretion is the
D-loop sequence mitochondrial DNA variability of Sarda goat and other goat breeds and populations reared in the Mediterranean area.
New haplotypes of goats reared in the Mediterranean area were identified and the majority of Italian goats belonged to haplogroup A, which confirmed worldwide distribution and diversity of haplogroups A.
Goat casein genotypes are associated with milk production traits in the Sarda breed.
Analysis of genetic polymorphism within the casein genes in the Sarda breed goat showed that all genes, except CSN3, significantly influenced milk traits, which can be incorporated into selection schemes for the SardA breed goat.
Prolificacy genotypes at BMPR 1B, BMP15 and GDF9 genes in North African sheep breeds
Investigation of the genetic structure at BMPR 1B, BMP15 and GDF9 prolificacy genes in five sheep breeds reared in Tunisia found the highly prolific D’man ewes were monomorphic for the absence of all the known prolificacy alleles.
The Effect of Long-term Freezing on Renneting Properties of Sarda Sheep Milk
The remarkable decreasing of sheep milk renneting characteristics aft er frozen storage can predict a worse yield and quality of cheese-making and suggests that freezing of Sarda raw milk should be limited to shorter periods.
Development of a RNA extraction method from milk for gene expression study in the mammary gland of sheep
It is demonstrated that the high-quality of the RNA obtained is suited to use for studies of mammary genes expression in sheep, avoiding any damage caused by mammary gland biopsy.
Relationships between milk characteristics and somatic cell score in milk from primiparous browsing goats.
To determine milk yield and composition, total microbic count (TMC) and somatic cell count (SCC) of browsing goats throughout the first lactation, 100 goats of Sarda breed were selected and, on the whole, SCC and TMC were not correlated.
Variability of the caprine whey protein genes and their association with milk yield, composition and renneting properties in the Sarda breed: 2. The BLG gene
The polymorphism of the goat BLG gene did not affect the total protein content of the Sarda goat milk, and only weakly influenced RCT and k20, and an interesting effect on milk yields and DFPY emerged in two SNPs.