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Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction
  • M. L. Butler
  • Medicine
  • Journal of clinical gastroenterology
  • 1 December 1979
In vet, abdominal pain was the major complaint of three patients with ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJ), and definitive diagnosis can be made either by a “hydration” intravenous pyelogram or by an intravenousPyelogram during an attack. Expand
The Influence of Weathering and of Microorganisms on the Aqueous-Extract pH of Cotton Fiber
Exposure of cotton in the field to wet weather following normal opening of the boll and fluffing of the fiber resulted in increases in the pH of aqueous extracts of the fiber, as determined byExpand
The Relative Responsiveness of Certain Properties of Cotton Fiber to Microbial Action
In continuation of an inquiry into the effect of microbial action and weathering on cotton fiber, experiments have been carried out to determine the relative responsiveness of certain fiberExpand
The Fungi Concerned in Fiber Deterioration
On the basis of a survey of the literature and of test results here reported on more than 400 fungus isolates, cellulose-decomposing activity is shown to be very widely distributed but not universalExpand
Digoxin-lnduced positive exercise tests: Their clinical and prognostic significance
It is concluded that useful information can be obtained from exercise studies of patients who receive digoxin, the probability that a positive exercise test is due to digoxin can be estimated, and the drug should be withdrawn for 12 days to remove the exercise-induced electrocardiographic effect. Expand
Metastatic malignant melanoma of the esophagus: a case report.
This report documents the 4th case in the world literature of a malignant melanoma metastatic to the esophagus in the evaluation of known cancer patients. Expand