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Quaternary of the Pantanal, west-central Brazil
Abstract The Pantanal is a tectonic depression located at the left margin of the Upper Paraguay River. The Paraguay is the trunk river of an alluvial depositional tract composed by several largeExpand
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River avulsions on the Taquari megafan, Pantanal wetland, Brazil
Abstract The Pantanal wetland is located in a tectonically active interior sedimentary basin in west-central Brazil. The south-flowing Paraguay River is the trunk-river of an alluvial constructionalExpand
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Lacustrine records of Holocene flood pulse dynamics in the Upper Paraguay River watershed (Pantanal wetlands, Brazil)
Abstract The Pantanal is the world's largest tropical wetland and a biodiversity hotspot, yet its response to Quaternary environmental change is unclear. To address this problem, sediment cores fromExpand
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Amazon rainforest modulation of water security in the Pantanal wetland.
The Pantanal is a large wetland mainly located in Brazil, whose natural resources are important for local, regional and global economies. Many human activities in the region rely on Pantanal'sExpand
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The Quaternary alluvial systems tract of the Pantanal Basin, Brazil
The Pantanal Basin is an active sedimentary basin in central-west Brazil that consists of a complex alluvial systems tract characterized by the interaction between different river systems developedExpand
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Channel arrangements and depositional styles in the São Lourenço fluvial megafan, Brazilian Pantanal wetland
Abstract The Brazilian Pantanal is an extensive lowland tropical basin characterized by the presence of fluvial megafans and seasonally-inundated savanna floodplain wetlands. With an area of aboutExpand
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Brazilian Pantanal: A Large Pristine Tropical Wetland
The Pantanal is a Quaternary sedimentary basin located in the central-west region of Brazil. Its origin has been linked to stresses transmitted from the western margin of the South American continentExpand
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Contrasting fluvial styles of the Paraguay River in the northwestern border of the Pantanal wetland, Brazil
Abstract The Upper Paraguay drainage basin is situated mainly in west-central Brazil, near the Bolivian border. Flowing from north to south, the Paraguay is the trunk river of an alluvialExpand
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Geology and Geomorphology of the Pantanal Basin
What is an inlier sedimentary basin? What are the main mechanisms of sedimentary infilling? How do the depositional systems behave? And last, but certainly not the least, what geological eventsExpand
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Dynamics of the Pantanal Wetland in South America
1 - Underneath the Pantanal Wetland: a Deep-time History of Gondwana Assembly, Climate Change, and the Dawn of Metazoan Life (LV Warren*, F Quaglio, M G Simoes, BT Freitas, ML Assine and C Ricommini)Expand
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