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History, epidemiology and regional diversities of urolithiasis
Archeological findings give profound evidence that humans have suffered from kidney and bladder stones for centuries. Bladder stones were more prevalent during older ages, but kidney stones becameExpand
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Determining the efficacy of a pressure ulcer prevention program by collecting prevalence and incidence data: a unit-based effort.
Pressure ulcer prevention falls within the domain of nursing practice. When the results of a quality improvement survey indicated both an increase in the number of pressure ulcers and a higherExpand
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Una aproximación a las representaciones del alumnado sobre el Universo
This study explains how the children from secondary school (age 14-18) represent the structure of the universe and the way it may be useful in daily teaching. The results obtained describe the sameExpand
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Proposed Diagnostic Criteria for Misophonia: A Multisensory Conditioned Aversive Reflex Disorder
Misophonia is an underinvestigated condition often typified as an extreme sensitivity to specific, low volume sounds and images that elicit an intense physiological and emotional response (JastreboffExpand
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Caracterización preliminar de la composición proteica del polvo de casas localizadas en diferentes puntos de la Zona Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México
Introduction: In children, asthma is among the most important respiratory health problems. It has been recognized that one of the main risk factors for the development of asthmatic symptoms isExpand
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Simulating the future : The role of situational mental imagery in knowing what to want & how to get there Keynote Address : 3 : 45-4 : 15 PM
The capacity to simulate hypothetical experiences in the future, via situational mental imagery, helps us to “try out” the likely reward or punishment value of such events. This information is usedExpand
WTO Accession for China and Taiwan: Potential Trade Impacts