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Uniqueness of positive solutions of Δu−u+up=0 in Rn
We establish the uniqueness of the positive, radially symmetric solution to the differential equation Δu−u+up=0 (with p>1) in a bounded or unbounded annular region in Rn for all n≧1, with the NeumannExpand
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Uniqueness of Radial Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations
E. Yanagida recently proved that the classical Matukuma equation with a given exponent has only one finite mass solution. We show how similar ideas can be exploited to obtain uniqueness results forExpand
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Hermitian Matrix Inequalities and a Conjecture
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An application of integral inequality to second order nonlinear oscillation
Abstract A simple result concerning integral inequalities enables us to give an alternative proof of Waltman's theorem: lim t → ∞ ∝ t 0 a ( s ) ds = ∞ implies oscillation of the second orderExpand
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Oscillation of Eigenfunctions of Weighted Regular Sturm‐Liouville Problems
On etudie les zeros des fonctions propres de problemes aux valeurs limites reguliers de Sturm-Liouville a fonctions poids generales w. On considere en particulier le cas ou l'ensemble des zeros de wExpand
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Semilinear elliptic problems in annular domains
The method of shooting is used to establish existence of positive radially symmetric solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations of the form Δu+f(r, u)=0 on annular regionsa<r=|x|<b inRN, satisfyingExpand
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Oscillation and nonoscillation of Hill's equation with periodic damping
We prove new results on the oscillation and nonoscillation of the Hill's equation with periodic damping: y″+p(t)y′+q(t)y=0,t⩾0, where p(t) and q(t) are continuous and periodic. The results showExpand
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Linearization of second-order nonlinear oscillation theorems
The problem of oscillation of super- and sublinear Emden-Fowler equations is studied. Established are a number of oscillation theorems involving comparison with related linear equations. RecentExpand
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