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A systematic review on silver nanoparticles-induced cytotoxicity: Physicochemical properties and perspectives
Abstract With the development of nanotechnology, silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) have become one of the most in-demand nanoparticles owing to their exponential number of uses in various sectors.Expand
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Role of acetylcholine receptor subunits in gating of the channel
The Torpedo and calf acetylcholine receptors and hybrids composed of subunits from the two species have been produced in Xenopus oocytes by the use of the cloned complementary DNAs. Single-channelExpand
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Metal Concentrations of River Water and Sediments in West Java, Indonesia
To determine the water environment and pollutants in West Java, the contents of metals and general water quality of the Ciliwung River in the Jakarta area were measured. High Escherichia coli numberExpand
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Location of functional regions of acetylcholine receptor α-subunit by site-directed mutagenesis
The availability of cloned cDNAs encoding the four subunits of the Torpedo acetylcholine receptor, which can be expressed to make functional receptors in Xenopus oocytes, has made possible a detailedExpand
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Location of a δ-subunit region determining ion transport through the acetylcholine receptor channel
The combination of complementary DNA expression and single-channel current analysis provides a powerful tool for studying the structure–function relationship of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptorExpand
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Nonylphenol enhances apoptosis induced by serum deprivation in PC12 cells.
Although nonylphenol is well known as an endocrine disrupting chemical, there is little information concerning biological effect of nonylphenol. In this study, we investigated effect of nonylphenolExpand
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Investigation of heavy metal contents in Cow milk samples from area of Dhaka, Bangladesh
BackgroundCow milk is considered as one of the responsible food sources contaminated with heavy metals. The objectives of the study were to assess the content of selected metals in cow milk and itsExpand
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Mechanism of apoptosis induced by copper in PC12 cells.
Copper, an essential trace element, induces apoptosis in mammalian cells. However, the precise mechanism of copper-induced apoptosis is still unclear. In this study, to determine the apoptoticExpand
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Phytofiltration of arsenic and cadmium by using an aquatic plant, Micranthemum umbrosum: phytotoxicity, uptake kinetics, and mechanism.
Arsenic (As) and cadmium (Cd) are noxious and carcinogenic pollutants that can be removed from water by using emerging, ecofriendly, phytofiltration technology that employs Micranthemum umbrosum.Expand
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Deficiencies of hippocampal Zn and ZnT3 accelerate brain aging of Rat.
We examined the link of hippocampal Zn to the functional impairments with aging using senescence-accelerated mouse prone 10 (SAMP10) with deficits in learning and memory. Zn in hippocampal mossyExpand
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