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Neurotoxic reactive astrocytes are induced by activated microglia
It is shown that activated microglia induce A1 astrocytes by secreting Il-1α, TNF and C1q, and that these cytokines together are necessary and sufficient to induce A2 astroCytes, which are abundant in various human neurodegenerative diseases.
A review of permissible limits of drinking water
  • M. Kumar, A. Puri
  • Environmental Science
    Indian journal of occupational and environmental…
  • 2012
Present research paper deals with various water quality parameter, chlorides, dissolved oxygen, total iron, nitrate, water temperature, pH, total phosphorous, fecal coli form bacteria, and adverse effect of these parameters on human being.
Determination of nutritive value and analysis of mineral elements for some medicinally valued plants from Uttaranchal
Study of different medicinally valued seeds of Nelumbo nucifera, Embelia ribes, Eugenia jambolana and leaves of Artocarpus heterophyllus showed Cr, K, Ca, Cu, Zn and Mn to be sufficient in seeds of
Microbial enzymes: industrial progress in 21st century
This review highlights and discusses current technical and scientific involvement of microorganisms in enzyme production and their present status in worldwide enzyme market.
AVPpred: collection and prediction of highly effective antiviral peptides
AVPpred—the first web server for predicting the highly effective AVPs would certainly be helpful to researchers working on peptide-based antiviral development.
Minerals, PUFAs and antioxidant properties of some tropical seaweeds from Saurashtra coast of India
Principal component analysis demonstrated a correlation between total phenolic content, total antioxidant activity, DPPH, and O2•− radical scavenging activity, suggesting polyphenols as the chief contributor to the antioxidant activity in seaweeds.
Bovine herpes virus infections in cattle
The viral genomic DNA has been demonstrated in the sensory ganglia of the trigeminal nerve in infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) and in sacral spinal ganglia in pustular vulvovaginitis and balanoposthitis cases.