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Information hiding-a survey
Information-hiding techniques have recently become important in a number of application areas. Digital audio, video, and pictures are increasingly furnished with distinguishing but imperceptibleExpand
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An RFID Distance Bounding Protocol
  • G. Hancke, M. Kuhn
  • Computer Science
  • First International Conference on Security and…
  • 5 September 2005
Radio-frequency identification tokens, such as contactless smartcards, are vulnerable to relay attacks if they are used for proximity authentication. Attackers can circumvent the limited range of theExpand
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Attacks on Copyright Marking Systems
In the last few years, a large number of schemes have been proposed for hiding copyright marks and other information in digital pictures, video, audio and other multimedia objects. We describe someExpand
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Tamper resistance: a cautionary note
An increasing number of systems from pay-TV to electronic purses, rely on the tamper resistance of smartcards and other security processors. We describe a number of attacks on such systems -- someExpand
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Design Principles for Tamper-Resistant Smartcard Processors
We describe techniques for extracting protected software and data from smartcard processors. This includes manual microprobing, laser cutting, focused ion-beam manipulation, glitch attacks, and powerExpand
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Low Cost Attacks on Tamper Resistant Devices
There has been considerable recent interest in the level of tamper resistance that can be provided by low cost devices such as smart-cards. It is known that such devices can be reverse engineeredExpand
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Compromising emanations: eavesdropping risks of computer displays
Electronic equipment can emit unintentional signals from which eavesdroppers may reconstruct processed data at some distance. This has been a concern for military hardware for over half a century.Expand
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Analysis of a denial of service attack on TCP
The paper analyzes a network based denial of service attack for IP (Internet Protocol) based networks. It is popularly called SYN flooding. It works by an attacker sending many TCP (TransmissionExpand
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Soft Tempest: Hidden Data Transmission Using Electromagnetic Emanations
It is well known that eavesdroppers can reconstruct video screen content from radio frequency emanations. We discuss techniques that enable the software on a computer to control the electromagneticExpand
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So Near and Yet So Far: Distance-Bounding Attacks in Wireless Networks
Distance-bounding protocols aim to prevent an adversary from pretending that two parties are physically closer than they really are. We show that proposed distance-bounding protocols of Hu, PerrigExpand
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