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The Rhetoric of Reaction
Rhetoric was understood by Aristotle to include those many, often refined, techniques of argumentation unavoidable in domains of life, such as politics and law, where persuasion is necessary butExpand
The Rule of Law: Legality, Teleology, Sociology
The concept of the rule of law is no new coin. It has long been the stuff of legal cliche, but also of extensive conceptual analysis and scholarly debate. The concept has a strong presence in legalExpand
The Rule of Law: Pasts, Presents, and Two Possible Futures.
The recent rise of the rule of law, from controversial legal ideal to unopposed international cliche/slogan, has rendered increasingly murky what the concept might mean, what the phenomenon might be,Expand
A humanist science : values and ideals in social inquiry
Contents Foreword xxx Preface xxx Part One The Humanist Imagination Chapter 1 The Humanist Tradition 000 Chapter 2 The Postulate of Humanity 000 Chapter 3 Four Pillars of Humanist Science 000 PartExpand
Why the rule of law matters
Alon Harel begins Why Law Matters with a disarming confession. He feels ‘lucky that this book was not written when it was first planned’, since he had begun it believing roughly the opposite of wha...
Law as tradition
This essay argues that to understand much that is most central to and characteristic of the nature and behaviour of law, one needs to supplement the ‘time-free’ conceptual staples of modernExpand
The Rule of Law after Communism: Problems and Prospects in East-Central Europe
Contents: The rule of law after Communism: an introduction, Martin Krygier and Adam Czarnota. The Rule of Law: Legal cultures and the rule of law, Philip Selznick Positivist or non-positivist rule ofExpand
Is There Constitutionalism After Communism?: Institutional Optimism, Cultural Pessimism, and the Rule of Law
Abstract:This article discusses two contrasting tendencies in thought about postcommunist experiments with constitutionalism and the rule of law: institutional optimism and cultural pessimism. TheExpand
The Rule of Law and ‘The Three Integrations’
There are at least three sorts of difficulties that hamper successful promotion of the rule of law. Each of these would be lessened by integration of materials which RoL promoters commonly avoid.Expand