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Genericity: An Introduction
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Nominal Reference, Temporal Constitution and Quantification in Event Semantics
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The Origins of Telicity
The distinction between telic and atelic predicates has been described in terms of the algebraic properties of their meaning since the early days of model-theoretic semantics. This perspective wasExpand
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Basic notions of information structure
This article takes stock of the basic notions of Information Structure (IS). It first provides a general characterization of IS—following Chafe (1976)—within a communicative model of Common GroundExpand
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Thematic Relations as Links between Nominal Reference and Temporal Constitution
This paper treats the correspondence between the reference type of NPs (i.e., mass nouns, count nouns, measure constructions, plurals) and the temporal constitution of verbal predicates (i.e.,Expand
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The Semantics and Pragmatics of Polarity Items
Section (1) provides an overview of existing theories of NPIs and their problems. In section (2), I outline my explanation of the dis tribution of so-called weak polarity items, and in (3) I discussExpand
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A Compositional Semantics for Multiple Focus Constructions
The subject of this article is the semantics of focus, i.e. the development of a framework in which we can formulate the influence of focus on the semantic and pragmatic interpretation. In sectionExpand
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Common nouns: A contrastive analysis of Chinese and English
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Additive Particles under Stress
Additive particles are so-called because they express that the predication holds for at least one alternative of the expression in focus (here, Pia). This is presupposed; for example, it remains anExpand
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For a Structured Meaning Account of Questions and Answers
In the logical, philosophical and linguistic literature, a number of theoretical frameworks have been proposed for the meaning of questions (see Ginzburg 1995, Groenendijk & Stokhof 1997 for recentExpand
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