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Cohort profile: the Metropolit 1953 Danish male birth cohort.
The Danish Metropolit project was established in 1965. The main initiator of the project was Kaare Svalastoga, the first professor of sociology at the Institute of Sociology, University ofExpand
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Exposure to bullying at school and depression in adulthood: a study of Danish men born in 1953.
BACKGROUND Bullying among children is associated with high symptom load and depression. There is little knowledge about long-term consequences of bullying. The aim of the present study is to examineExpand
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Antidepressant utilization after hospitalization with depression: a comparison between non-Western immigrants and Danish-born residents
BackgroundAntidepressant (AD) therapy is recommended for patients 4–12 months after remission from depression. The aim was to examine whether immigrants (refugees or family reunited immigrants) fromExpand
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Excessive drinking and history of unemployment and cohabitation in Danish men born in 1953.
BACKGROUND Few studies exist on social inequality of excessive drinking in Denmark and differences seem to be less pronounced than in other European countries. The aims of this study were toExpand
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The prevalence of severe asthma and low asthma control among Danish adults.
BACKGROUND The prevalence of severe asthma is unknown. However, international expert statements estimate that severe asthma represents 5% to 10 % of the entire asthma population. OBJECTIVE Based onExpand
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The influence of birth weight and body mass in early adulthood on early coronary heart disease risk among Danish men born in 1953
This study examines the joint and separate influence of birth weight and body mass in young adulthood on subsequent coronary heart disease (CHD) risk. A cohort of 9,143 men born in Copenhagen,Expand
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Rapid report on methodology: does loss to follow-up in a cohort study bias associations between early life factors and lifestyle-related health outcomes?
PURPOSE To examine the consequences of non-response in a follow-up survey for associations between early-life factors and lifestyle-related health outcomes in adulthood. METHODS In a cohort ofExpand
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Job loss and broken partnerships: do the number of stressful life events influence the risk of ischemic heart disease in men?
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of the accumulated number of job losses and broken partnerships (defined as the end of cohabitation) on the risk of fatal and nonfatalExpand
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Coping with unemployment: Does educational attainment make any difference?
Aims: The aim of this study was to examine the cross-sectional association between educational attainment and coping strategies with unemployment in a random sample of 37- to 56-year-old Danish menExpand
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Reduced probability of smoking cessation in men with increasing number of job losses and partnership breakdowns
Background Unemployment and partnership breakdowns are common stressful life events, but their association with smoking cessation has been investigated in only a few studies. Objective To investigateExpand
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