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Rapid environmental changes in southern Europe during the last glacial period
Oxygen-isotope records from Greenland ice cores, indicate numerous rapid climate fluctuations during the last glacial period. North Atlantic marine sediment cores show comparable variability in sea
Tephrochronology of the 100 ka lacustrine sediment record of Lago Grande di Monticchio (southern Italy)
Abstract The results of a tephrochronological study on 340 distal tephra layers intercalated within 72.5 m of sediments in Lago Grande di Monticchio (southern Italy) are outlined. This maar lake
Towards a detailed distal tephrostratigraphy in the Central Mediterranean : The last 20,000 yrs record of Lago Grande di Monticchio
Abstract A detailed compilation of distal tephrostratigraphy comprising the last 20,000 yrs is given for the Central Mediterranean region. A total of 47 distinct ash layers identified in the maar
Marine tephra from the Cape Riva eruption (22 ka) of Santorini in the Sea of Marmara
Abstract A discrete tephra layer has been discovered in three marine sediment cores from the Sea of Marmara, eastern Mediterranean. The rhyodacitic glass chemistry and the stratigraphical position
Hydrogeochemical features of Lake Ngozi (SW Tanzania)
Located on the triple rift junction hosting the Karonga-Usungu depression in Tanzania, Lake Ngozi is the second largest crater lake of the East African Rift. The lake has a number of peculiar
Surface Exploration of a Viable Geothermal Resource in Mbeya Area, Sw Tanzania. Part I: Geology of the Ngozi - Songwe Geothermal System
Geothermal surface exploration in SW Tanzania in the frame of the GEOTHERM programme in 2006-2009 allowed to evidence and characterizes the Ngozi – Songwe geothermal system in the area of Mbeya, as
Sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of etodolac in serum.
A sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of etodolac in serum was developed and showed the specificity of the method was demonstrated by the lack of response obtained with a variety of control sera, sera spiked with etdolac congeners, and sera obtained from rats treated with a range of other drugs.
Cell-free protein synthesis from non-growing, stressed Escherichia coli
An active cell-free protein synthesis system derived from cells harvested at non-growth, stressed conditions is reported, which found a downshift of ribosomes and proteins, but a characterization revealed that the stoichiometry of ribsomes and key translation factors was conserved, pointing to a fully intact translation system.