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Strategy and society: the link between competitive advantage and corporate social responsibility.
A fundamentally new way is proposed to look at the relationship between business and society that does not treat corporate growth and social welfare as a zero-sum game and introduces a framework that individual companies can use to identify the social consequences of their actions.
The competitive advantage of corporate philanthropy.
Adopting a context-focused approach to philanthropy goes against the grain of current philanthropic practice, and it requires a far more disciplined approach than is prevalent today, but it can make a company's philanthropic activities far more effective.
Creating Shared Value
THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM is under siege. In recent years business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. Companies are widely perceived to be
Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work
hat does a global effort to reduce malnutrition have in common with a program to reduce teenage substance abuse in a small rural Massachusetts county? Both have achieved significant progress toward
Philanthropy's new agenda: creating value.
A blueprint for change is laid out, challenging foundation leaders to spearhead the evolution of philanthropy from private acts of conscience into a professional field and a framework for thinking systematically about how foundations create value is presented.
Embracing Emergence: How Collective Impact Addresses Complexity
rganizations around the world have begun to see collective impact as a new and more effective process for social change. They have grasped the difference our past articles emphasized between the
The Ecosystem of Shared Value
Governments, NGOs, companies, and community members must all be involved in programs to create shared value, yet they work more often in opposition than in alignment. A movement known as collective
Measuring Innovation: Evaluation in the Field of Social Entrepreneurship
本報告書は、従来のフィランソロピーの分野と比較しながら、社会起業精神(Social Entrepreneurship)の分野における評価のアプローチをまとめたものである。報告書の構成は、 第 1 章から第 4 章となっているが、紙幅の多くは第 3 章に割かれている。第 1 章は、報告 書の要旨である。第 2 章は、社会起業家の定義(2.1)とフィランソロピーと社会起業精神
The Big Idea : Creating Shared Value Rethinking Capitalism
In recent years business increasingly has been viewed as a major cause of social, environmental, and economic problems. Companies: trapped in an outdated approach to value creation. They continue to