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Hybridity: The Cultural Logic Of Globalization
Chapter 1: Cultural Hybridity and International Communication Chapter 2: Scenarios of Global Culture Chapter 3: The Trails and Tales of Hybridity Chapter 4: Corporate Transculturalism Chapter 5, TheExpand
Hybridity in Cultural Globalization
Hybridity has become a master trope across many spheres of cultural research, theory, and criticism, and one of the most widely used and criticized concepts in postcolonial theory. This articleExpand
The global, the local, and the hybrid: A native ethnography of glocalization
International communication processes have been alternately understood as part of an overriding world process of globalization, or in terms of a polarity, between local audiences and global media,Expand
Arab Satellite Television Between Regionalization and Globalization
Arab media burst onto the North American radar screen when Al-Jazeera, a Qatari all news pan-Arab satellite television station, scooped the world's media with its coverage of the U.S. attack onExpand
Arab Television Industries
Introduction 1 A Short History of Arab Television 2 Pan-Arab Entertainment Channels 3 Niche Channels and Socio-cultural Change: Youth Women and Religion 4 Pan-Arab News Channels 5 Ramadan: Drama,Expand
Review : Hybridity , or the cultural logic of globalization
Nutzungsbedingungen: Dieser Text wird unter dem "PEER Licence Agreement zur Verfügung" gestellt. Nähere Auskünfte zum PEER-Projekt finden Sie hier: http://www.peerproject.eu Gewährt wird ein nichtExpand
Reality Television and Arab Politics: Contention in Public Life
  • M. Kraidy
  • Geography, Political Science
  • 26 October 2009
Introduction: beyond al-Jazeera 1. Screens of contention: the battle for Arab viewers 2. Voting Islam off the island? Big Brother in Bahrain 3. The Saudi-Lebanese connection 4. Contesting reality:Expand
Shifting Geertz: Toward a Theory of Translocalism in Global Communication Studies
Though the anthropologist Clifford Geertz has been tremendously influential across the humanities and social sciences, his impact on media and communication scholarship remains unclear. GeertzianExpand
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the Changing Arab Information Order
This article explores the impact of Arab reality television on Arab governance. Reality television activates hypermedia space (Kraidy, 2006c), a broadly defined inter-media symbolic field, becauseExpand