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Geovisual analytics for spatial decision support: Setting the research agenda
This article summarizes the results of the workshop on Visualization, Analytics & Spatial Decision Support, which took place at the GIScience conference in September 2006, and suggests a new research direction ‘Geovisual Analytics for Spatial decision Support’, which emphasizes the importance of visualization and interactive visual interfaces and the link with the emerging research discipline of Visual Analytics.
Space, time and visual analytics
Researchers should find approaches to deal with the complexities of the current data and problems and find ways to make analytical tools accessible and usable for the broad community of potential users to support spatio-temporal thinking and contribute to solving a large range of problems.
The space - time cube revisited from a geovisualization perspective
An extended interactive and dynamic visualization environment is proposed, and demonstrated, in which the user has full flexibility to view, manipulate and query the data in a Space-Time-Cube.
Exploratory cartographic visualization: advancing the agenda
It is argued that a use-based approach is needed in order to develop information processing environments appropriate to distinct stages of scientific research and decision making.
Interaction in virtual world views-linking 3D GIS with VR
3D GIS&VR system (Karma VI) based on existing GIS and VR technology that uses the three views to support the design, development and presentation of large infrastructure plans in The Netherlands showed that the multi-view approach leads to a more sophisticated understanding of those plans.
Evaluating the usability of visualization methods in an exploratory geovisualization environment
An approach to combine visual and computational methods for knowledge discovery in large geospatial data, an integrated visualization‐geocomputation environment has been developed based on the Self‐Organizing Map, the map and the parallel coordinate plot.
Geovisualization illustrated
In recent years, the visualization of geospatial data has undergone dramatic and important developments. Next to static maps, nowadays, immersive and highly interactive virtual environments can be
The role of the map in a Web-GIS environment
  • M. Kraak
  • Geography, Computer Science
    J. Geogr. Syst.
  • 1 June 2004
The question ‘What are the implications of this expanding role of maps for a WebGIS environment?’ is addressed in this paper.
Cartographic animation and legends for temporal maps : exporation and or interaction
This paper describes potential legends for temporal animation and argues that choices among them should be made with regard to the nature of the temporal data, and a test is proposed to assess the viability of the different legends.
Visual Exploration of Eye Movement Data Using the Space-Time-Cube
An approach that enables the use of the Space-Time-Cube (STC) for representation of eye movement recordings by Via interactive functions in the STC, spatio-temporal patterns in eye movement data could be analyzed.