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The antifibrotic effects of relaxin in human renal fibroblasts are mediated in part by inhibition of the Smad2 pathway.
BACKGROUND The peptide hormone relaxin has been demonstrated to exert antifibrotic effects in renal and extrarenal tissues. The aims of this study were to identify potential anti-fibrotic effects ofExpand
Expression of multidrug resistance P-glycoprotein in kidney allografts from cyclosporine A-treated patients.
BACKGROUND The multidrug resistance (MDR) gene product P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is a transmembrane efflux pump for hydrophobic, potentially toxic compounds, including the immunosuppressant cyclosporineExpand
Predictors of complications in therapeutic plasma exchange
Plasma exchange (PE) is used for blood purification to modulate proteins involved in pathological processes. As the number of patients receiving PE treatment and the heterogeneity of the underlyingExpand
Immunoadsorption therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis with steroid-refractory optical neuritis
BackgroundIn multiple sclerosis relapses refractory to intravenous corticosteroid therapy, plasma exchange is recommended. Immunoadsorption (IA) is regarded as an alternative therapy, but itsExpand
Characterization of CXCL16 and ADAM10 in the normal and transplanted kidney.
The chemokine CXCL16 plays an important role in the recruitment of leukocytes to sites of inflammation influencing the course of experimental glomerulonephritis. Here we show that human kidneysExpand
Retrospective Analysis of Long‐term Lipid Apheresis at a Single Center
We retrospectively analyzed 10 906 lipid apheresis sessions (heparin‐induced lipoprotein precipitation, direct adsorption of lipoproteins, double filtration plasmapheresis, dextran sulfateExpand
Induction of Tet3-dependent Epigenetic Remodeling by Low-dose Hydralazine Attenuates Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease
Progression of chronic kidney disease remains a principal problem in clinical nephrology and there is a pressing need for novel therapeutics and biomarkers. Aberrant promoter CpG island methylationExpand
Blood pressure after blinded, randomized withdrawal, and resumption of baroreceptor-activating therapy
Background: Baroreceptor-activating therapy (BAT) has been shown to control resistant hypertension in one sham-controlled and further observational studies. Incremental but significant reincrease ofExpand
Therapeutic Apheresis in Pediatric Patients with Acute CNS Inflammatory Demyelinating Disease
Background/Aims: In adults, plasma exchange (PE) has been shown to be an efficient treatment for severe relapses of acute inflammatory CNS demyelinating diseases. The aim of this study was toExpand
Therapeutic concentrations of cyclosporine A, but not FK506, increase P-glycoprotein expression in endothelial and renal tubule cells.
BACKGROUND The immunosuppressive drugs cyclosporine A (CsA) and tacrolimus (FK506) are extruded from cells by the multidrug resistance P-glycoprotein (P-gp), an efflux pump for drugs and xenobiotics,Expand