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The influence of molecular clusters on lubricating film formation
The paper presents the results of investigations focused on the role of the environment (base lubricant) of lubricating additives on their effectiveness in lubricating film formation. The proposedExpand
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First results on strangeness production in 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon heavy ion reactions from the NA 35 streamer chamber
AbstractWe present the first preliminary results on Λ,Ks0 and $$\bar \Lambda$$ production on a gold target with proton and oxygen beams in the NA35 streamer chamber.
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Response of carrot (Daucus carota L.), to strip tillage and injection of liquid swine manure into plant row
Field study was conducted between 2011 and 2012 to determine the effects of liquid manure injected into plant row just before planting carrot in strip tillage. Strip tillage machine consisted of fourExpand
Influence of the quality of fuel atomization on the emission of exhaust gases toxic components of combustion engines
Abstract The paper contains analysis of the impact on the quality of the fuel spray of droplets on the number and the value of the surface area of the droplets that have a direct impact on theExpand
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Researches of a Combustion Engine Fuelled with a Fuel-Water Microemulsion
Abstract The emulsion is a mixture of two or more insoluble liquids. Microemulsion is the emulsion with particles dimension in a range of one micrometre and smaller. Such a microemulsion of water andExpand
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Standard prac detektorowych
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The conducted tests were aimed at determination of the drop diameters and shaping of the velocity field at different configurations of the test injector. The test results allowed defining theExpand
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Advantages of using composite alloys for internal combustion engine pistons
Combustion engine pistons are subject to variable mechanical and thermal loads, and to variable deformations. The article presents the possibilities of using novel composite alloys for theExpand
Research Performance of Novel Design of Diesel Engine
Certain results of the comparative studies of the high-speed Diesel engine V-12 of the “W” series were presented in the article. The engine was modernised in regard of possibilities to achieve betterExpand
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