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Solution based synthesis and processing of Sn and Bi doped Cu inf 3 inf SbSe inf 4 inf nanocrystals nanomaterials and ring shaped thermoelectric generators
Copper-based chalcogenides that comprise abundant, low-cost, and environmental friendly elements are excellent materials for a number of energy conversion applications, including photovoltaics,Expand
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X-ray position-sensitive detector for the energy-dispersive EXAFS spectrometer
Abstract Design of a position-sensitive detector based on photodiodes array (PDA) for the energy-dispersive EXAFS spectrometer is presented. PDA’s detection characteristics were tested in the X-rayExpand
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Narrow-Band Lead Salt Photodetectors and Solution-Processible Nanocrystal Photodetectors for the Midinfrared
Molecular absorption line strengths are much stronger in the midinfrared spectral range than in the near infrared and the visible. Thus, for sensitive gas analysis and atmospheric pollutionExpand
Legalon and lokhein modify the prednisolone effects on experimental toxic hepatitis
As is known, glucoeorticoids may both enhance and reduce the hepatotoxin damage in the case of hepatitis induced by the so-called "suicidal" substrates of cytochrome P-450. The increase in toxicityExpand