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Physics Performance Report for PANDA: Strong Interaction Studies with Antiprotons
To study fundamental questions of hadron and nuclear physics in interactions of antiprotons with nucleons and nuclei, the universal PANDA detector will be built. Gluonic excitations, the physics ofExpand
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New measurements of high-momentum nucleons and short-range structures in nuclei.
We present new measurements of electron scattering from high-momentum nucleons in nuclei. These data allow an improved determination of the strength of two-nucleon correlations for several nuclei,Expand
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New measurements of the European Muon Collaboration effect in very light nuclei.
New Jefferson Lab data are presented on the nuclear dependence of the inclusive cross section from (2)H, (3)He, (4)He, (9)Be and (12)C for 0.3 < x < 0.9, Q(2) approximately 3-6 GeV(2). These dataExpand
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Experimental study of the γp→π0π0p reaction with the Crystal Ball/TAPS detector system at the Mainz Microtron
The γp → π0π0p reaction has been measured from threshold to 1.4 GeV using the Crystal Ball and TAPS photon spectrometers together with the photon tagging facility at the Mainz Microtron. TheExpand
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Beam-helicity asymmetries in double-pion photoproduction off the proton.
Beam-helicity asymmetries have been measured at the MAMI accelerator in Mainz in the three isospin channels gamma[over -->]p-->pi(+)pi(0)n, gamma[over -->]p-->pi(0)pi(0)p, and gamma[overExpand
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Manipulating topological-insulator properties using quantum confinement
Recent discoveries have spurred the theoretical prediction and experimental realization of novel materials that have topological properties arising from band inversion. Such topological insulatorsExpand
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The Crystal Ball at MAMI and A2 Collaborations
The 12 C(� pp) reaction has been studied in the photon energy range 200-450 MeV at the Mainz microtron MAMI-C, where linearly polarised photons were energy-tagged using the Glasgow-Mainz TaggedExpand
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First measurement of the circular beam asymmetry in the γ p → π 0 ηp reaction Crystal Ball at MAMI, TAPS, and A2 Collaborations
V.L. Kashevarov a,b,∗, A. Fix c, P. Aguar-Bartolomé a, L.K. Akasoy a, J.R.M. Annand d, H.J. Arends a, K. Bantawa e, R. Beck f, V. Bekrenev g, H. Berghäuser h, A. Braghieri i, D. Branford j, W.J.Expand
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