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Central depressant effects of N3-substituted 6-azauridines in mice.
Central depressant effects in mice of N3-substituted 6-azauridines (6-AzUd) (1) were examined by intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection. Eleven derivatives including alkyl-, benzyl-, xylyl- andExpand
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The 6-azauridine analogues possessing sedative and hypnotic effects.
Pharmacological effects of 6-azauridine (4) analogues were evaluated using hypnotic activity, pentobarbital (PB)-induced sleep prolongation and locomotor activity as indices. Compound 4, N3-benzyl-Expand
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Pharmacokinetics of N3-Benzylthymidine Possessing Hypnotic Activity in Mice
The pharmacological potency, absorption, distribution and excretion of N3-benzylthymidine (N3-ByTd), a new type of hypnotics, were studied in mice. N3-Substituted thymidine derivative, N3-o, m orExpand
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