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Oxidation of atmospheric methane in soil: Measurements in the field, in soil cores and in soil samples
Methane fluxes and vertical profiles of CH4 mixing ratios were measured in different German soils both in situ and in soil cores. Atmospheric CH4 was oxidized in the soil by microorganisms resultingExpand
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Microbial sulphate reduction at a low pH.
It is now well established that microbial sulphate-reduction can proceed in environments with a pH<5. This review summarizes existing reports on sulphate reduction at low pH and discusses possible pHExpand
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Occurrence and role of algae and fungi in acid mine drainage environment with special reference to metals and sulfate immobilization.
Passive remediation of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is a popular technology under development in current research. Roles of algae and fungi, the natural residents of AMD and its attenuator are notExpand
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Microbial Fe(III) Reduction in Acidic Mining Lake Sediments after Addition of an Organic Substrate and Lime
To elucidate the role of Fe(III) reduction in mining lake sediments amended with organic substrates, we performed a large (10 m diameter) enclosure experiment in which sediments were amended withExpand
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Technical note : drifting versus anchored flux chambers for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from running waters
Stream networks have recently been discovered to be major but poorly constrained natural greenhouse gas (GHG) sources. A fundamental problem is that several measurement approaches have been usedExpand
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A pilot-scale field experiment for the microbial neutralization of a holomictic acidic pit lake
Abstract A strategy to neutralize acidic pit lakes was tested in an upscaling process using field mesocosms of 26 to ca. 4500 m3 volume in the acidic pit Mining Lake 111 in Germany. After addition ofExpand
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Legume embryos develop in a hypoxic environment.
Specific morphological and biochemical characteristics of seeds can cause oxygen deficiency within maternal and embryonic tissues. In this study, optical sensors were used to measure O(2) profilesExpand
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Benthic photosynthesis in an acidic mining lake (pH 2.6)
Natural neutralization of acidic mining lakes is usually limited by the availability of organic carbon. We investigated whether benthic photosynthesis could contribute to primary production in anExpand
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Carbon dioxide efflux during the flooding phase of temporary ponds
ABSTRACTCarbon dioxide efflux during the flooding phase of temporary ponds Small water bodies, such as temporary ponds, have a high carbon processing potential. Nevertheless, despite theExpand
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Microbial activity and biogeochemical cycling in a nutrient-rich meromictic acid pit lake
Microbial activity, abundance and biomass, and biogeochemical cycling of iron, sulphur and carbon were studied in the extremely acidic (pH 2.5–4.3), meromictic, nutrient-rich pit lake Cueva de laExpand
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