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Bringing Space Back in: Organizing the Generative Building
In this article, we re.ect on architecture and management and organization theory, in terms of their mutual implications. We focus especially on a tacit implication in mainstream organization theory,Expand
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Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice
Introduction PART ONE: MAKING SENSE OF MANAGEMENT Making Sense of Management History, Science, Perspectives Managing Rationalities Modernity, Postmodernity, Embeddedness Managing RealitiesExpand
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‘Invisible walls’ and ‘silent hierarchies’: A case study of power relations in an architecture firm
In this article we investigate how power relates to the production of creative identities and outcomes. We report on an in-depth case study of an award-winning creative architecture firm. Our dataExpand
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Desperately Seeking Legitimacy: Organizational Identity and Emerging Industries
In this article we examine the process of organizational identity formation in emerging industries. We argue that organizational identity is best understood in terms of the relationship betweenExpand
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So!apbox: editorial essays: Strategy as practice?
Strategy is supposed to lead an organization through changes and shifts to secure its future growth and sustainable success, and it has become the master concept with which to address CEOs ofExpand
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Strategy as performative practice
This article focuses on the relation between strategy-as-practice and its power effects in the context of a strategy project (Sustainable Sydney 2030) undertaken by the City of Sydney. The followingExpand
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Strategy: Theory and Practice
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Noise, Parasites and Translation
Conventional representations of consulting stress the need to predict possible organizational realities associated with improved economic performance. It is conceptualized as a useful tool from whichExpand
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`Ethics' as a discursive resource for identity work
This article analyses how participants in a not-for-profit service organization (the `Incubator') drew on understandings of 'ethics' in order to make sense of their individual and collective selves.Expand
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Rethinking the Sharing Economy: The Nature and Organization of Sharing in the 2015 Refugee Crisis
Our article focuses on a non-standard sharing example that harbors the potential to disrupt received wisdom on the sharing economy. Although, originally, entering the field to analyze, broadly from...
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