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Designing and Evaluating a Russian Tagset
This paper reports the principles behind designing a tagset to cover Russian morphosyntactic phenomena, modifications of the core tagset, and its evaluation. The tagset and associated morphosyntacticExpand
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Automatic Detection of Stable Grammatical Features in N-Grams
This paper presents an algorithm that allows the user to issue a query pattern, collects multi-word expressions (MWEs) that match the pattern, and then ranks them in a uniform fashion. This isExpand
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Reconstruction and idiomaticity: The origin of Russian verbless clauses reconsidered
Abstract There are three types of Russian verbless clauses, which emerged through the ellipsis of the copula and other (full) verbs. This paper provides arguments against the hypothesis that they oweExpand
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Building Support Tools for Russian-Language Information Extraction
There is currently a paucity of publicly available NLP tools to support analysis of Russian-language text. This especially concerns higher-level applications, such as Information Extraction. WeExpand
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Clustering Comparable Corpora of Russian and Ukrainian Academic Texts: Word Embeddings and Semantic Fingerprints
We present our experience in applying distributional semantics (neural word embeddings) to the problem of representing and clustering documents in a bilingual comparable corpus. Our data is aExpand
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Online Extraction of Russian Multiword Expressions
In the CoCoCo project we develop methods to extract multi-word expressions of various kinds—idioms, multi-word lexemes, collocations, and colligations—and to evaluate their linguistic stability in aExpand
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