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The Basic Psychological Needs in Physical Education Scale
The present study reported on the modification of the Basic Psychological Needs in Exercise Scale (Vlachopoulos & Michailidou, 2006) to assess students’ psychological need fulfillment in elementary
Structural Determinants of Tissue Tropism and In Vivo Pathogenicity for the Parvovirus Minute Virus of Mice
Structural differences between the MVM strains colocalize with tropism and pathogenicity determinants mapped for other autonomous parvovirus capsids, highlighting the importance of common parvivirus capsid regions in the control of virus-host interactions.
Flavonoid Glycosides Isolated from Unique Legume Plant Extracts as Novel Inhibitors of Xanthine Oxidase
Findings indicate that flavonoid isolates from legume plant extracts are novel, natural XO inhibitors, and their mode of action is under investigation in order to examine their potential in drug design for diseases related to overwhelming XO action.
Validity and reliability of the Greek version of the Test of Performance Strategies (TOPS) for athletes with disabilities
This version of the Test of Performance Strategies for athletes with physical disability exhibited good internal consistency, temporal stability and structural validity, however the pattern of relations between the subscales was different than that of Thomas et al.
Glucose analogue inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase: from crystallographic analysis to drug prediction using GRID force-field and GOLPE variable selection.
The computational procedure described in this work involves the use of the program GRID to describe the molecular structures and the progam GOLPE to obtain the partial least squares regression model with the highest prediction ability and forms the basis of a training set suitable for three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship studies.
Inhibitor design for ribonuclease A: the binding of two 5'-phosphate uridine analogues.
The unexpected binding of a pyrimidine at the purine-binding subsite has added new important elements to the rational design approach for the discovery of new potent inhibitors of the RNase A superfamily.
Design of inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase: a study of alpha- and beta-C-glucosides and 1-thio-beta-D-glucose compounds.
It appears that hydration by a water molecule may provide sufficient stabilization to retain the chair conformation and the best inhibitor was N-methyl-beta-glucose-C-carboxamide, which showed a 46-fold improvement in Ki from the parent beta-D-glUCose.